Recognition of teacher qualifications

The Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK) recognises the degree programmes which lead to a teaching qualification (pre-school and primary level, lower secondary level, baccalaureate schools) or a qualification in the field of special needs education (remedial education in early childhood, special needs education, speech therapy, psychomotor therapy). The Diploma Recognition Agreement and the recognition regulations on teaching qualifications issued by the EDK give the legal basis. The law on diploma recognition regulates the Swiss-wide professional recognition of qualifications and the quality control of education and training and qualifications.

The recognition regulations for the various degree programmes include minimum requirements regarding, amongst others, the programme objectives, programme content, length of study, admission requirements and university teachers' qualifications. The EDK only recognises degree programmes which comply with the specifications of the recognition regulations. The cantons undertake to enable equal access to the profession for all holders of a recognised qualification.

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