Mobility and exchange

Movetia is the national agency for exchange and mobility, responsible for a comprehensive range of national, European and international programmes. These are aimed in particular at individual pupils and entire classes in compulsory and upper secondary level general education, students in vocational education and training (VET), students in higher education, young professionals, people and organisations working in education and training, and adolescents and adults who are active in youth work, or in youth organisations. There are also programmes covering adult and continuing education. Movetia promotes cultural and linguistic exchange between Switzerland's linguistic regions, as well as exchange and mobility with European and non-European countries.

Since 2011, Switzerland has participated in the EU's general education, VET and youth programmes as an associated country. Swiss citizens have thus been able to take part in all activities conducted within these programmes. In 2014, a transitional solution for Erasmus+ replaced Switzerland's full association with the European Programme for Education, Training, Youth, and Sport. This transitional solution was continued each year up to 2017. For the 2018-2020 period, the Federal Council submitted a dispatch to the Swiss parliament in which it proposes maintaining a parallel Swiss solution, in anticipation of resuming the status of associate country to the European programme from 2021 onwards.

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