Day-care facilities

Day-care facilities support families, make it easier to combine family and career, and foster the integration and socialisation of children with educationally disadvantaged family backgrounds or migration backgrounds. The cantons and municipalities are responsible for the regulation of day care. Day-care facilities include, e.g.: day-care centres, day-care families or childminders, crèches, playgroups and child care by relatives, acquaintances or paid private persons. In compulsory education, there are, for example, all-day schools, care facilities over lunch time as well as before and after school, or supervised homework assistance. Use of these day care facilities is voluntary and is decided on by the parents, who generally cover some of the costs.
The Intercantonal Agreement on Harmonisation of Compulsory Education (HarmoS Agreement) obliges the cantons that join to provide school-based day-care facilities to suit requirements during compulsory education.

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