Validation of non-formal and informal learning

The Federal Vocational and Professional Education and Training Act ensures that a federally recognised VET qualification can be obtained via different educational paths. This includes besides formal education also non-formal and informal learning, such as skills picked up in everyday life, for example. Thus, adults can obtain a federally recognised VET qualification without having to go through a full formal degree programme. Professional and non-professional experience, education and training are accredited as appropriate.

The candidates demonstrate that they have the required professional skills for a particular VET qualification by means of a dossier and an interview. Any missing skills can be obtained by means of supplementary education and training, or additional practical experience. If all requirements are met, the federally recognised VET qualification is obtained.

Validation of non-formal and informal learning is a joint task of the Confederation, cantons and professional organisations. A national guideline on validation of non-formal and informal learning serves as an aid for the various parties involved and clarifies the validation procedure. It contains information on the parties involved, their responsibilities, the phases of the validation procedures and the validation tools.

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