Linguistic regions' curricula

Within the different linguistic regions of Switzerland the cantons develop curricula for compulsory education specific to the linguistic regions (primary school and lower-secondary education). The Western Swiss cantons have developed the Plan d’études romand (PER). PER is based on an agreement between the Western Swiss cantons (Convention scolaire romande). Since the school year of 2014/2015, all pupils in compulsory education in the Western Swiss cantons are being taught in accordance with PER.

The 21 German-speaking and multilingual cantons have the Lehrplan 21. Each canton decides on the introduction of the new curriculum.
In the canton Ticino the curriculum (Piano di studio) has come into effect.
The Intercantonal Agreement on Harmonisation of Compulsory Education (HarmoS Agreement) obliges the cantons to harmonise the curricula and to coordinate the teaching material on the level of the linguistic regions. The linguistic regions' curricula are based on the national educational standards.

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