Grundstufe and Basisstufe

Grundstufe or Basisstufe are organisational forms which combine pre-school and the first years of primary school. The Grundstufe combines the two pre-school years with the first primary school year; the Basisstufe combines the two pre-school years with the first two years of primary school. The transition within these school entry levels occurs flexibly, according to the developmental status of the child. The classes are mixed-age classes, taught by a multi-professional team, using team teaching. In the Grundstufe or Basisstufe, there is no division between pre-school and primary school; the children are gradually introduced to academic learning and basic social skills. According to the child's developmental status initial academic learning can be possible from the very beginning. A fluid transition from playful to systematic learning takes place. The cantons decide how to organise the first school years (pre-school, Grundstufe or Basisstufe). Several German-speaking cantons have evaluated the reform of the Grundstufe or Basisstufe in a joint project.

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